Mesa Microwave was established in 1995 and has been manufacturing its own brand of R/F components such as precision coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and electronic components. Our business was primarily focused in the international community, but now we are focusing our efforts in the U.S. based on the demand for our products, especially our higher frequency connectors and cable assemblies DC to 110 GHz.

We have business relationships with other manufacturers so we can supply their products to our customers and ensuring that we are meeting our customers needs.

As a manufacturer, we place a lot of emphasis on supply and delivery of our connectors. The production process involves many steps: Operating frequency, Cutoff Frequency, Characteristic Impedance, Voltage and Power Rating, Leakage etc.
We view reliability, efficiency and quality as our three most important values to our business success.

In addition, we make sure our materials and finished goods are examined for consistency. Finally our wide range of testing includes:
Electrical testing: return loss; VSWR; conductor impedance, insulation impedance, and withstanding voltage. Mechanical Testing:
stress; damage tolerance, and pressure. Environmental testing: conduct regular salt spray testing to ensure electroplating meets
all MIL-standard

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