mesa microwave expertise in passive components also extend to directional and bi-directional couplers offered in broadband frequency ranges feature low insertion loss, high directivity, and low VSWR. All directional couplers have, at a minimum, an input, output, and coupling port. Signal power reflection is prevented because the coupling ports signals are isolated from the line output port. Directional couplers are used to isolate, separate, and combine signals in measurement applications. mesa microwave couplers are offered in both directional and dual directional with many low frequency and high power solutions utilizing both stripline and lumped element technology.

Model Number specification frequency
mmc-dc-0056000-10 mmc-dc-0056000-10 50 to 6000MHz
MMCDC0204-06 MMCDC0204-06 2 to 4  GHz
mmcdc-0206-20 MMCDC0204-06 2 to 6 GHz
MMCDC10701275-10-N MMCDC10701275-10-N 10.7 to 12.75GHz
MMCDC-1840-20A mmcdc-1840-20a 18 to 40GHz
mmcdc-26540-xx mmcdc-26540-xx  26.5 to 4 GHz